Law enforcement warns of wildlife possibly lurking in floodwaters

Snake found in floodwaters on Feb. 23, 2021. (Photo: Horry County PD)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WWAY) — The Horry County Police Department came across a slithery creature while recently patrolling flooded neighborhoods.

The HCPD River Patrol says a large snake tried to make their boat its new home, however, they were able to catch it before doing so.

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With the abnormally wet pattern, rivers in eastern North Carolina and South Carolina are seeing higher water levels.

As floodwaters encroach on their usual hiding spots, HCPD says it’s not uncommon for wildlife of all kinds to seek higher ground. This means that areas you think you know well could hold entirely new hazards.

To keep you and yours safe, authorities urge you to not venture out into floodwaters.

“There is absolutely nothing to be gained from a joyride through a flooded community, yet so much at risk,” the department wrote online.

People who spot wildlife are asked to leave the animals alone: do not approach them, attempt to feed them, or attempt to catch them.

“HCPD River Patrol will remain out on area waterways, patrolling flooded areas, looking for criminal activity, and redirecting any irresponsible boaters,” HCPD wrote. “Even this snake couldn’t scare us away.

The Cape Fear River near Burgaw will remain at a moderate flood stage through parts of the weekend. Minor flooding is expected along the Cape Fear River near Tar Heel into the weekend as well.