McMaster, 22 other governors against ‘biased’ funding allocation in new stimulus package

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (Photo: State of South Carolina)

Gov. Henry McMaster and 22 other governors said they oppose some funding allocation in the $1.9 trillion stimulus package Saturday morning.

The COVID relief package passed in the house late Friday and is moving to the Senate.

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“Unlike all previous federal funding packages, the new stimulus proposal allocates aid based on a state’s unemployed population rather than its actual population, which punishes states that took a measured approach to the pandemic and entered the crisis with healthy state budgets and strong economies,” McMaster said.

“A state’s ability to keep businesses open and people employed should not be a penalizing factor when distributing funds. If Congress is going to provide aid to states, it should be on an equitable population basis.”

The overall relief bill would provide $1,400 payments to individuals, extend emergency unemployment benefits through August and increase tax credits for children and federal subsidies for health insurance.

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