There’s a reason why French bulldogs are such frequent targets for thieves

French bulldog (Photo: American Kennel Club)

LOS ANGELES, Ca. (CNN) — The portly and petite French bulldog is an ideal canine companion: They don’t bark much, prefer snuggles and indoor play to long walks or games of catch and retain their puppy-like stature all their lives.

Their popularity makes them a frequent target for theft, though.

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Perhaps the highest-profile case of French bulldog theft happened this week, when two of Lady Gaga’s dogs were stolen after unknown assailants shot her dog walker in the chest.

“This is a particularly horrific incident,” dog trainer Victoria Stilwell told HLN’s Elizabeth Prann on Friday. “But unfortunately, dog theft is not.”

French bulldogs, the fourth most popular dog breed in the US (and the smallest breed among the top five), are often preyed upon by dognappers for the same qualities that make them such beloved pets.

The best way to keep them safe is to stay vigilant and within your sight, canine experts say.

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