SC man diagnosed with COVID-19 remains in the hospital more than 200 days later

Dan Thompkins has been hospitalized with COVID-19 since August (Photo: Tompkins family)

A Florence family has more questions than answers as their loved one has spent more than 200 days in the hospital after a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Dan Thompkins tested positive for COVID-19 in August. His wife Carolyn said he was healthy with no underlying conditions before their world changed forever.

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“This was the first time having to go through anything like this,” said Dan’s wife Carolyn.

She remembered what he told her that raised concerns.

“[He] was just really tired and weak. He says he hasn’t been like that in the 10 years he’s worked for Pepsi,” she said. “They call him Superman Dan or Dan the man.”

Even for a hero, COVID-19 became a villain in his story with symptoms of fever, vomiting, and what appeared to be pink eye.

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