New Hanover County elementary students looking forward to full-time in the classroom


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Many children enjoyed the sunshine on Friday at Long Leaf Park before heading back to the classroom full time on Monday.

“It’s very exciting,” Third-Grader Lauren Schwedler said. “Actually going to school for five days a week.”

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It’s no secret that online learning has been a challenge for many. From Zoom calls to Google Classrooms, students like Schwedler and Second-Grader Willow Baltezore say there’s just nothing that compares to the in-person learning experience.

“When I’m on remote it’s just hard because sometimes I accidentally erase things and the pictures aren’t coming out neat,” Baltezore said.

“It’s hard cause the computer is shining bright in your face when you’re trying to look at the screen,” Schwedler said.

These New Hanover County elementary schoolers enjoyed their day playing outdoors, but are looking forward to heading back full time starting Monday.

“I’m excited I’m going to get to see my friends and be able to learn a lot more it’s been hard doing remote,” Baltezore said.

The second-grader added that she doesn’t mind wearing the mask all day, especially if it means being able to be in her classroom.

Many parents at the park said it is a little nerve-wracking that so many kids will be in school together, but they are excited for the kids to return and have a consistent schedule.

Eager to get back to class, First-Grader Lilly Phillips says spelling tests are always hard, and learning in-person will make it a little easier.

“Even at school it’s kinda hard ’cause you can’t really keep all the words inside of your head,” Phillips said.

Whether it’s their favorite subjects, seeing their teachers, or riding the bus, they all are eager to get back to what feels normal.

About 80% of elementary school students are expected to return to the classroom on Monday, and students do still have the option to continue remote learning.