Paid parking app causes confusion for residents in North Topsail Beach

Paid parking in North Topsail Beach (Photo: WCTI)

Many people have voiced frustrations about paid parking at North Topsail Beach, but beyond that, many say they’re also confused as to how it all works.

“So I just went onto the SurfCast website and downloaded the thing,” said Marcy Arbuckle Monday on her trip to the beach. “It was real simple, real fast.”

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For Arbuckle, with an iPhone, the process was easy, and she says she downloaded the app ahead of time when she had service.

“If they’ve got a good connection, it’s very, very easy,” said President of Otto Connection Inc. Jim Varner. “It just takes a few seconds.”

Varner, who helped create the payment system, says downloading the app when you have cell service is key to having success with it.

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