Brunswick County weighs in on masks one year into the pandemic


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Masks and face coverings seem to have sparked controversy from the very beginning, especially when mandates were put into place. Now, one year into the pandemic and several months into the state mandate, what do people think?

Several people in Brunswick County shared their thoughts with WWAY. A majority of the people seemed to not have a problem wearing them if it means reopening businesses and getting kids back into schools.

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“They were an inconvenience to us all but they seem to be working,” Deb Burns said.

One man said he’s happy to continue to wear them until Governor Cooper lifts the mandate and as long as they’re doing their job.

“I believe that it is turning in the right direction. The economy, everything else is turning in the right direction because of the masks,” Charles Skinner said.

Confused by all the data that continues to come out, Keith Keller said he wears a mask when he is out but definitely sees both sides.

“I think every individual is going to have to make their own decision,” Keller said. “I think the government implementing laws and fines and stuff is not going to be very productive.”

A few people who did not want to go on camera said they are ready to see the mandate lifted in North Carolina, one man said they are useless unless everyone wears an N-95.

Seeing states like Texas and Mississippi lift their mandates has some people concerned.

“They’re not really considering anybody else except for what they want to do and it’s going to cause, I think, a lot of spikes,” Andree Stein said.

Others think it’s a good idea to watch and see what happens in those states.

“If things are working out there and there are not as many deaths, the virus isn’t spreading as bad without masks, I think we should open back up,” Aleck Creech said.

Though not everyone agrees on masks, one resident shares sentiments that most can agree on.

“I just hope everybody remains healthy and no one else loses their life from this virus,” Burns said.