Religious leaders bless Southport boats


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Sunday, Southport held its 26th annual blessing of the boats.

Though it was a windy afternoon, 13 boats made the trek to Southport’s tidal basin.

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To kick off the event, Southport’s Historical Society fired their cannon (named Thor) twice.

After a prayer from two St. Phillip’s Episcopal leaders, boats sailed by, slowing down long enough to grab a flower from the Southport “Blessing” boat.

Priests said a blessing over each boat that passed, praying they’d stay safe this season and return home after each journey.

“We ask your blessing to be upon these vessels and all who sail them,” prayed Reverend Eric Mills over a walkie talkie. “Protect us from the dangers of wind and waves and the perils of the deep. Help us to be relaxed and be at peace when we sail upon the waters. Our boats are small and the ocean is large. May we appreciate the majesty of your creation.” 

Though not every flower made it into the boats, locals were happy to continue a socially distanced tradition for the 26th year in a row.