Carolina Beach Fire Department offers fire safety tips following Paradise Cove fire


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) —One phone call from a Paradise Cove resident details the chilling moments during his evacuation from his building as the fire broke out at the complex last Friday.

You can hear him breathing heavily as fire alarms chimed in the background.

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Caller: “The whole building.”
Dispatcher: “Okay.”
Caller: “There’s people jumping out the windows. Let me help her, oh god she just jumped out the window…. this is bad… oh my God.””

The caller distraught as he watches his home in flames, concerned for his neighbors

Caller: “My place is burning down, and I’m scared there’s people here. There’s people trying to get out of the doors.”
Dispatcher: “How many floors or stories are there?”
Caller: “It’s three, its three, and I’m scared people are going to die.”

Several people jumped from the condo to escape the fire,  resulting in several injuries.

Carolina Beach Fire Chief, Alan Griffin, offers fire safety tips, advising everyone to map out several evacuation routes where you live in case of a fire.

“The door’s hot or you open the door and there’s smoke. It may be an unlikely event that you’re able to make it to those exits, and at that point it’s the ability to go to a window, and unfortunately in some cases that’s the only way out,” said Alan Griffin, Carolina Beach Fire Chief,

He also encourages anyone in a home with more than one story, to purchase a fire safety ladder to make a window escape. the ladders can be purchased at local home improvement and office supply stores.

“Those things are so valuable and they take second to deploy, if you practice with them, and so we highly encourage anyone living on multiple stories like that to have those ladders and plan that exit route and even discuss with your family and your kids once everybody get out, where are we going to meet?,” said Griffin.

Carolina Beach Fire Chief, Alan Griffin, says the fire department verified the fire protection system inspection in paradise cove was completed, and in compliance with its inspection of the fire alarm and sprinkler system at the time of the fire.