Now that’s a hazard! South Carolina golfer’s ball lands on alligator’s back

(Photo: Kristine Robinson)

OKATIE, SC (WCIV) — Some golfers take twisted pleasure in playing their ball “as it lies” after errant shots on the course, sometimes resorting to bizarre and improbable escape shot attempts rather than accepting a stroke penalty.

We’d hope most would draw the line at alligators. A South Carolina man made the wise choice after he found himself dealing with an amazingly bad lie this week.

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In something almost out of Happy Gilmore, golfer David Ksieniewicz said his ball came to a rest neatly atop the back of a roughly 7-foot alligator while playing a round at Okatie’s Spring Island Club on Monday.

Fortunately, the official U.S. Golf Association rules account for such a thing in what it calls “abnormal course conditions.” That allows players to take “relief” by moving their ball or dropping a new ball in a safe and reasonable location for their next shot without assessing a stroke penalty.

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