SC man diagnosed with COVID-19 out of the hospital, heals in rehab 241 days later

Dan Thompkins has been hospitalized with COVID-19 since August (Photo: Tompkins family)

The last eight months have been grueling for one Florence man.

Dan Thompkins went to the hospital 241 days ago with a COVID-19 diagnosis. That virus changed his life and the lives of his family members forever.

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The COVID-19 complications and lengthy hospital stay have kept them apart.

“It’s difficult to suffer from the emotion of [feeling like] you’re not stepping up,” Dan Thompkins said. There’s a sense of heaviness as he thinks back on his journey.

“I was the bill of health, ” Thompkins said. “It seems as if my health was taken away so fast.”

Thompkins had no underlying conditions. He had symptoms of fever, vomiting, and what appeared to be pink eye.

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