‘Lemonade for a Cure’ stand set up by a 9 year old girl in Hampstead


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One 9-year-old girl running a lemonade stand, gaining the support of the local community to fund a big cause.

Business is booming for 9-year-old Deliah Sitorius, as many neighbors and friends stood in line to support her lemonade stand to raise money for ALK+ cancer research.

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“It is for my cancer and we’re going to donate the money that we get to other people, and also for my cancer organization to use that money for me and other people,” said Deliah Sitorius.

In 2019 Deliah was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer that currently has no cure, and 2 years into her journey surrounded by friends and family, they are hoping to raise $15,000 for ALK+ cancer research.

With 30 “Lemonade for a Cure” stands set up not only in Hampstead, but also in Iowa, Florida, Texas, and California, just a few of the locations rallying together in support of Deliah and her fundraiser.

“I was just blown away with how many people were willing to help and support not only Deliah, but other ALK+ patients, and because cancer research is so necessary and needed,” said Ashley Sitorius, Deliah’s mother.

Deliah’s Mother, Ashley Sitorius, says the need for cancer research is crucial as they hope to find a cure for her daughter and others with ALK+ cancer.

“The medications she’s currently on is not FDA approved for kids and she’s on the last line of medications that is available right now to her, and so I think ALK+ cancer research is so crucial. Deliah deserves a chance at a long life and that was our main goal in all of these fundraisers,” said Ashley.