Bright Hope program aims to help children grow while their parents get help for addiction


LAKE WACCAMAW, NC (WWAY) — The Boys & Girls Homes in Lake Waccamaw is unveiling the first of its kind program for children in need of a place to stay while their parents are getting help for an addiction.

“The kids are in a safe environment, where they’re also working to get healthy while the parents are working to get healthy,” program director Donna Walch said.

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Walsh feels it’s important for the kids to grow during their time with the Bright Hope Program, so they can reunite smoothly with their parents after they complete their treatment.

“When a parent gets healthy, they start parenting in a different way,” Walch added. “So what we wanna do is make sure when the parents start parenting in a different way, a healthy way, the kids and parents can come back together and be healthy together.”

Bright Hope director Danielle Monroe says this program is unique because it allows siblings the opportunity to stay together.

“A lot of times when there is a need for care outside of the family dynamics, siblings are separated,” Monroe said. “So this allows us to be able to keep both so we can keep those sibling groups together.”

Monroe acknowledges it will take some time for the children adjust, but says they plan to do their part to make the building feel like home.

She feels that will help the children take their minds off the difficult situation they are facing.

“Families that are facing addiction, the kids become parentified,” Monroe added. “They take on that parent role, and they take care of the every day in the house. Coming here they’re able to just play and take part in all the activities that we have and just be a kid.”

The program also aims to keep parents involved in their children’s lives throughout the process, with phone calls and visitations.