NC Coastal Federation continues to remove abandoned boats from NC coast


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Over the past two decades, dozens of boats have been abandoned along the coast of North Carolina. The North Carolina Coastal Federation is doing its part to address the problem.

So far, the agency has hoisted 37 boats onto dry land but says they’re still a long way from retrieving them all.

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The coastal federation says the boats are a hazard to the environment and an eyesore.

They hope to have all the boats removed by the summer, but say the process isn’t always straightforward.

“The actual, just the physical removal of the boat, can be fairly simple,” Ted Wilgis with the agency said. “But it can also be fairly complex, depending on the size of the boat, is it sunk, is sitting up on the marsh. We also wanna make sure that we don’t damage the marsh any further by pulling the vessel out.”

Wilgis says abandoned boats have always been a problem, but recent hurricanes have made the problem much worse.