American Legion Post 68 collects flags for proper retirement


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — When the American flag becomes worn or faded, it’s important to dispose of it in the proper way.

But the American Legion Post 68 says many people aren’t aware of the correct way to retire a flag.

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That’s why the organization held a flag collection event yesterday in Leland, accepting flags from the many people who dropped by.

Although any flag can become worn over time, they say the American Stars and Stripes has a detailed list of procedures to follow.

Daniel Fortini with Post 68 says there’s an easy way to know if it’s time to retire a flag.

“The saying is, if the flag is pink, if the blue is faded, or if the stars are starting to crumble, it’s time to retire it,” Fortini said. “Then just haul the flag to an event like this, where they’re collected.”

Post 68 plans to hold an official flag retirement ceremony with hundreds of flags next month.