Expert at murder trial: Uber rider stabbed up to 120 times

Samantha Josephson, 21-year-old USC student who was found dead after getting into a car she mistook for an Uber. (Photo: Columbia PD)

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) — A pathologist says there were more than 100 stab wounds on a South Carolina university student killed by a man who attacked her after she mistakenly thought his car was her Uber ride.

Dr. Thomas Beaver testified Monday that there was so little blood left in 21-year-old Samantha Josephson’s body that workers at her autopsy struggled to get enough blood for routine testing.

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Beaver testified as the murder and kidnapping trial of Nathaniel Rowland entered its second week. Rowland’s attorneys have pointed out his DNA was not found on the knife prosecutors say was the murder weapon and not on Josephson’s body.

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