911 call reveals new details about double homicide in New Hanover County


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County 911 has released a phone call made early Saturday morning after two people were fatally shot and another person severely wounded at a home in Wilmington.

When New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at 6708 Providence Road, they found two people inside deceased.

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In a statement released Saturday, the sheriff’s office identified the victims as Koredreese Robert Tyson, 29, and Bri’yanna Emily Williams, 21. The statement goes on to state that Tyson was a validated gang member.

Another woman in the house at the time of the shooting was severely injured and transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Tuesday morning, New Hanover County 911 released a call made at 5:44 a.m. by the injured woman.

After identifying herself, the caller said she was 21 years old and was not alone.

911 redacted the woman’s name from the call released to the media.

“There’s a lot of blood, please, oh God,” the caller said.

She goes on to say she was shot in her arm and shoulder. The 911 operator then gives directions to the caller to stop the bleeding.

The caller said the shooting happened in the bedroom and that “it was dark in the room.”

The 911 operator told the caller not to move around and assured her that paramedics were on the way.

The caller said she believed there were four people at the house when the incident occurred and that it was not her house but that she knew the owner.

About seven minutes into the call, the caller said she couldn’t feel her arm.

When asked what was going on before the shooting happened, the caller said, “We were asleep.” She later clarified, saying “me and Korrie.”

When the operator asked if Korrie shot the caller, she adamantly replied, “No, he was shot at” but the caller either didn’t know, or wouldn’t identify who fired the shot.

Family members of Bri’yanna Williams, who was killed that night, said the caller was able to play dead after being shot in the shoulder, making her unable to see the shooters face.

She reiterated that she couldn’t feel her arm and the operator instructed her to apply pressure to the wound.

At 13 minutes into the call, a man can be heard downstairs. The caller yells down to man. She later tells the 911 operator that he is the owner of the house, COO of True Colors Brewing George Taylor.

The man then comes upstairs and yells for the woman to open the door.

She replied, “I can’t move.”

Seconds later, law enforcement officers can be heard yelling, “Come out with your hands up.”

The 911 caller tells them, “There is someone else in the room but he is not responsive.”

The caller then asks the 911 operator if she should open the bedroom door. After speaking with officers, the operator instructs the injured woman to open the door.

Police can then be heard saying, “Hands up, hands up, come out, come out!”

As of Tuesday morning, the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office has not released a suspect in the shooting or a motive.