Navassa discusses future of Police Department

Navassa police cars (photo: Peyton Furtado)

NAVASSA (WWAY) — Following an incident with a man who represented himself as a Navassa law enforcement officer, Eric Cinotti, the town held an unofficial meeting Wednesday evening with the district attorney and the Brunswick County sheriff.

The town has been operating without a police force, relying on the sheriff’s office’s response time when emergencies arise. District Attorney Jon David, Sheriff John Ingram, the mayor, two council members, and some members of the community discussed the possibility of a partnership with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office to provide a constant presence in the town.

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Mayor Eulis Willis would not talk about the incident with Cinotti in detail but says it has been a wake-up call.

“We really realize the importance of trying to make sure that we can provide the services and safety. That’s something you can’t really put a measure on, but safety is what we’re really concerned with,” Willis said. “We want to make sure our citizens here in Navassa feel safe and secure, and for the most part I think they do, but things happen.”

The council will discuss the potential partnership with the Sheriff’s Office at their next meeting in August.