New Hanover County man warns neighbor of lawn mower fire


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A boater in New Hanover County may have saved his neighbor’s home from damage or destruction when he noticed a fire in a storage area.

Jordan Nason says he was headed out fishing Monday afternoon to enjoy the last day of flounder season.

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His friend noticed smoke coming from a home on the end of the canal on N. Channel Haven Dr.

Nason says as he got closer he noticed flames coming from a garage area. The neighbor was on a riding lawn mower and unaware of the situation

“There was a push lawnmower under the house with five, six foot of flames coming off of it, like touching the inside of the garage, and the wind was blowing really hard so it looked like the house was about to catch on fire any second,” Nason said. “So I was able to get the guy’s attention, he stopped the lawnmower, looked at me, and I told him, hey, there’s a fire inside your garage, your lawnmower is on fire.”

Nason says the man pulled the lawnmower from the garage and was able to put out the fire.

He warns against putting away equipment like lawn mowers before they cool off.