Local church in Wilmington helps feed the homeless population through its lunch bag program


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One local church in Wilmington is continuing to serve the homeless population through its lunch bag program, after seeing an increased need during the pandemic.

St. Jude’s Metropolitan Community Church’s lunch bag program was founded 2 years ago by Tim Corbett.

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Rocky Brisson, one of the programs volunteer organizers said the program has grown since then, with more people seeking its services since the height of the pandemic, saying he is thankful for the opportunity to help in the fight against food insecurity among those in the local homeless population.

“Because it could be me on the street, it could be any of us, and especially during the pandemic, it was a lot of different people, a lot of different people who had never been on the streets before. It’s just, –that part of it is extremely rewarding,” said Rocky Brisson, St. Jude’s MCC volunteer organizer.

St. Jude’s Metropolitan Community Church’s lunch bag program feeds nearly 100 lunches on Wednesdays and Saturday’s.

In the past year, since July of 2020 through June of this year, the church has distributed 8,000 lunch bags to members of the Wilmington homeless population.

“Because nobody else was feeding these people. I mean, these are the people –we try to go to the people that nobody else will go to,” said Rocky Brisson.

Thanks to donated food and funds to buy supplies, many of the program’s volunteers drive around the city of Wilmington to find homeless community members and deliver them a bagged lunch consisting of a sandwich or hotdog, chips, a cup of fruit, dessert, and a bottle of water.

Brisson said some people who receive the lunches direct them to other’s who may also need the program’s help.

“One thing they’ll do is look out for each other. All the little groups are like a community, and they will –they’ll tell us somebody’s over here, somebody’s over there. They kind of point us to other people,” said Brisson.

St. Jude’s Metropolitan Community Church also has a food pantry, that has been serving the community for nearly a decade on Tuesdays. In the past year, that food pantry has given out more than 95,676 pounds of food to over 5,000 families.