It’s ‘spider season’, a local expert explains which spiders you should be worried about


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —It is ‘spider season’ here in North Carolina, and you’ve probably seen them around the area, big and colorful with intricate webs.

Matt Collogan, a consumer horticulture agent with the New Hanover County Cooperative Extension, says large spiders like Banana Spiders and the Black and Yellow Argiope may draw your attention as they reach full size towards the end of summer and into the fall.

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Collogan says they are preparing to lay their eggs in the cooler months, which will hatch next spring.

“They’re going to be outdoors; they are not going to come inside. They love to catch insects, and things, but need an open space to do it. So these large spiders, you won’t see them inside the home, but there are spiders that you may find inside your house. They’re there acting as predators, actually going after pests that you don’t want in your house,” said Matt Collogan, consumer horticulture agent.

Although the size of some spiders might be intimidating, Collogan says they typically won’t cause you any harm.

“While spiders are venomous, generally they’re bites don’t cause any trouble. There are occasions where people can have an allergic reaction, just the way some folks might react to a bee sting,” said Collogan.

He says two spiders in North Carolina you should be concerned about are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow.

“The Brown Recluse, you don’t see it very often, it’s very reclusive, as its name would indicate, and the black widow is often found underneath boards and hidden areas. You would just want to wear gloves, and protect yourself before going into those kinds of habitats,” said Collogan.

The New Hanover County Cooperative Extension advises residents to call or visit their plant clinic at the arboretum if they have any questions about insects or plants.