Popular local brunch spot pays it forward to non-profits

Sweet N Savory (photo: Peyton Furtado)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A popular brunch and dinner spot in New Hanover County is giving all its tips to local non-profits.

According to Sweet N Savory owner Rob Shapiro, the restaurant raised their base pay to $15 an hour to attract more full time employees.

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Now that his servers and cooks are making a living wage, Shapiro said Sweet N Savory started the “Tip It Forward” program.

Instead of tipping the server, customers can donate what they would tip to Sweet N Savory’s current non-profit. They’ve almost raised $2,000 for First Fruit Ministries, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness in the Cape Fear.

“You know, we get paid a living wage,” said Shapiro. “We already earn enough to cover our bills and expenses. While we could always use more money, there’s people in our community who could use this money a whole lot more than we can. That extra five or 10 dollars is way more meaningful to them than it is to me.”

Shapiro said after raising $10,000 for First Fruit Ministries, Sweet N Savory will begin supporting a different charity.