Not in my neighborhood

video The heart of the controversy lies on 8 acres of land in west Bladenboro. Town leaders are considering changing it from industrial to residential and it's stirring up quite a debate.

ONLY ON 3: “Get Out the Vote” workers with criminal backgrounds

video You may think that when you see people at the polling places on election day, trying to convince you to vote for a particular candidate, that those people are volunteers, giving their time to help their favorite candidate win elected office. But in many cases in our viewing area, those poll workers aren't volunteering at all. They're being paid to influence your vote.

How “Get Out the Vote” Really Works

Some candidates running for office in Bladen County think folks are getting a bit too heavy handed in their efforts to manipulate the elections. Other candidates say "Get Out the Vote" is a great way to get voters to the polls.

Cancer-stricken girl gets pink fire truck

Kayla Nunnery was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma last year. Today she's not thinking about that. Instead, she's thinking pink.

Bladen County campaigning tactics questioned

video You've probably seen sample ballots before being handed out by poll workers on election day, already filled out for the candidates they endorse. What you may not have known is that in some places, spots on those sample ballots are for sale to the highest bidder.

Bladen farm turns to truffles

videoA delicacy that's grown in Italy, Spain and France is growing right here in our own backyard. Bladen County is putting itself on the map by growing a type of mushroom that's not easy to come by. A couple is uncovering the secrets of the black perigord truffle.

ONLY ON 3: Ward talks about run for Bladen Sheriff

video Over the past few weeks we've reported on the lies, terminations and investigations that surround the race to be sheriff in Bladen County. Many of you ranted and told us we were picking on the people inside the department and giving candidate Billy Ward a pass. Well, we caught up with Ward today to find out more about him and where he stands on issues.

Small stores look forward to big weekend

video There's no doubt the larger chain stores love the tax free holiday, but smaller stores, like Leinwand's in Elizabethtown, do, as well. They say it gives customers a reason to come into their shops and start spending.

Tanker crash shuts down NC 87 in Bladen County

An early-morning accident involving two tanker trucks led to a big cleanup in Bladen County. It happened around 4:30 a.m. on NC 87 near the Cumberland County line.

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