New Hanover County Board of Education candidates speak about the state of our schools

videoOn November 4th, you will see six names on the ballot for New Hanover County Board of Education. While David Martin is no longer running, there are incumbents Dorothy DeShields and Jeanette Nichols, as well as three challengers who want their seats.

Residents of Wilmington’s Southside discuss its future

videoWilmington's city planners are looking to the future, and they are putting the focus on neighborhoods. Tuesday night, residents of Wilmington's Southside attended a session about their vision for their part of the city.

The Secret Life of Bees actress learns from local cellist

videoWith the number of movies, independent films, series and pilots filmed in Wilmington there is a chance you will run into someone famous. Or as one musician discovered, you could have an even bigger brush with fame.

McCain visit Monday put strain on CFCC students parking

John McCain's visit to Cape Fear Community College Monday put a strain on downtown Wilmington's already limited parking. Some Cape Fear Community College students complained about not having a place to park.

School officials to take extra precaution after stabbing

videoAfter a stabbing took place during last week's Ashley High School football game, parents may think twice before letting their kids go this weekend.

Southeastern Center for Mental Health might get extra funds

The Southeastern Mental Health funding crisis is now in the hands of state legislators and New Hanover County Commissioners.

Dog shot by Department of Corrections officer

videoA local family is mourning the loss of their pet today. The dog was shot yesterday by a Wilmington probation officer.

Bedford Fair plans on closing

Employees from Bedford Fair, a mail order catalogue company, say they were told the Wilmington based warehouse will close September of next year.

Campaign interview with McCain journalist

videoWith three weeks to go until Election Day, a lot of people involved in the campaigns are looking forward to going home, including the journalists whose job it is to go along for the ride.

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