Traveling health risks

videoHoliday travel is in full swing. If you are planning on heading out for the fourth of July, you may not know the health risks you are taking.

Locals invent new ‘Terra Fulcrum’ bike

A new invention could have you kissing the gym goodbye and taking to the streets instead. Spinning and stationary bikes have nothing on the Terra Fulcrum.

UNCW hires new athletics director

videoThere's a new woman at the helm of UNCW athletics. Kelly Landry-Mehrtens comes from the University of Kansas where she was an associate AD for about four years.

Major Wilmington intersection frustrating drivers

videoA major intersection on Market Street is frustrating many drivers. About 50,000 cars travel on Market Street each day. This is well over its intended capacity.

Ocean rescues on the rise, volunteers needed

videoAs more vacationers and locals head to the beach to start their Fourth of July festivities a local firehouse is calling on their volunteers for help. But do they have enough man power to keep us all safe?

UK terror attacks prompt tighter security at US airports

videoRecent British terror attacks have sparked tighter security measures at US airports. The Department of Homeland security says an increase in the domestic threat level is not necessary.

Beach alcohol laws explained

Is it legal to have booze on the beach? On the street? Here are answers to these timely questions.

Sewer repair update

videoAn update on how sewer repairs are progressing in Wilmington: after diverting sewage through a network of temporary piping, crews have lined a 450-foot stretch of old pipe in the Bradley Creek area with a special material to help remedy previously leaky lines.

Police not taking July Fourth holiday lightly

videoMore than one million Carolinians are expected to travel for the July Fourth holiday. The name of the campaign says it all: Booze it and Lose it. State and local police are not taking the July Fourth holiday lightly. The Booze it or Lose it, Operation: Firecracker campaign is in full force through July 8. Expect checkpoints throughout the state and stepped-up patrols.

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