Port unsure about budget

It's tough to run the port of Wilmington if you don't know what your budget is. And port managers are in the dark at the moment. Lawmakers in the House and Senate have yet to come to an agreement over next year's budget.

Business helps seniors enjoy technology

You're never too old to embrace the computer age. Some local senior citizens are going high-tech and becoming internet savvy. Friendly Computers makes it easy for seniors and the disabled to keep up with technology.

Sewage spill halts repair work

There's been another sewage spill in the Bradley Creek area. It's the third one in two days. It's also brought an abrupt halt to repair work.

Atlantic Health Care reopens

videoFor the first time in more than a week - Atlantic Health Clinic's doors were open today. Patients who have anxiously been waiting to pick up their medical records were finally able to do so today.

High-speed chase ends well for police

A high-speed chase has ended well for Wilmington Police. Police say a suspect driving a vehicle that may have been stolen led police until he crashed the car into a utility pole on Seventh and Chestnut Streets.

Grand jury won’t indict former deputy in shooting

videoThe New Hanover County grand jury has reached a decision in its inquiry into whether former deputy Chris Long committed any wrongdoing in the shooting death of Peyton Strickland. The grand jury has decided not to indict former deputy Chris Long of any wrongdoing in the case. When the judge announced that there was not a true bill of indictment on voluntary manslaughter charges, Chris long sobbed in relief.

Grand jury considers charges against former deputy

A New Hanover County grand jury is deliberating on whether to indict former county Deputy Chris Long on manslaughter charges. Testimony from all four witnesses wrapped up around five p.m. Tuesday. The fourth witness to testify was Peyton Strickland's father. He drove down from Raleigh Tuesday morning.
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Red light money going to schools

Thanks to all "red light" runners caught on tape, New Hanover County schools are getting a financial windfall. Ninety percent of all the revenue from the red light tickets will go to the county's school district.

City Council to decide on sewer repairs

Tuesday night the Wilmington City Council will make some important decisions about the city's ailing sewer system.

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