Temperatures reach 90s Friday

Temperatures were in the 90s again Friday and for some people, that's dangerously high. This week New Hanover County Regional Medical Center has seen an increase in people with heat-related illnesses.

Leland Town Council opposes free wireless internet

There's a push in the state legislature to stop cities from providing free wireless internet for residents.

Airport carry-on rules to change

If you're planning a flight, you should know of a change in carry-on rules coming soon. Starting next month small cigarette lighters will be allowed back in airplane cabins. They were banned in 2001 after shoe bomber Richard Reid tried to ignite a bomb and blow up a plane.

Elementary school could permanently close

Columbus County Board of Education is making some important decisions about the fate of an elementary school. The board may permanently close Fair Bluff Elementary.

Local educators score high

State school districts recently completed an evaluation of their teachers. How did educators in our area fare?

Two new faces running for City Council

Two new faces are in the running for Wilmington City Council. Kristi Tomey announcing her bid, minutes before Ricky Meeks announced his.

Fans pre-paying for final Harry Potter

videoFriday night you'll finally be able to get your hands on the new Harry Potter book. But Thursday WWAY NewsChannel 3's Stephanie Beecken had the chance to go inside Books-a-Million's stock room for a sneak peak.

Teen dies after being hit by van, truck

A Wilmington teenager is dead after being hit by a van and a truck last night near Monkey Junction.

Teen bitten by shark a day after woman attacked on NC coast

There appears to have been another shark attack on North Carolina's coast.

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