Prime suspect ruled out of Foy and Rothen murders

videoThere are new developments in the investigation into the murders of Allison Jackson Foy and Angela Rothen. Police have ruled out prime suspect Timothy Iannone.

Fact or fiction surrounding gift card email

videoHoliday shopping season is in full swing, and there's a chance you've seen an email going around warning shoppers to use up gift cards for retailers that are closing stores around the country.

A Columbus County turkey farm

videoTurkey day is just around the corner. You won't find cows and pigs on the Wilson's farm; they are in the business of the feathered kind. They own the only turkey farm in Columbus County.

Storm water program to start in Brunswick County

The North Carolina Coastal Federation has received a $75,000 grant to start a storm water program with Brunswick County.

Leland Town Council approves $50,000 project

Driver's in Brunswick County could have a new road to drive on.The new road would link Thomas Garst Lane and Fairview Road.

Early risers at the Sawmill Restaurant

videoIt's still dark outside, not even twilight when the time the first customers arrive at the Sawmill Restaurant in New Hanover County. Some are even waiting for the doors to open at 6:00 a.m., and there are several regulars that come in every day about that time.

A Wilmington company receives national recognition

In 2002 Trans1 developed a tool to help make back surgery a little less painful. The tool fits through a small incision made just below the tailbone and allows doctors to remove damaged material and insert a screw to separate the two lowest discs in the spine.

Biggest drug bust in Columbus County history lands former police officer in jail

It's being called the biggest drug bust in Columbus County history. After seizing thousands of dollars in cash, and a hefty amount of cocaine, the Columbus County Sheriff's Department is relieved a drug trafficker is now behind bars.

Williston student remains in juvenile detention after tackling principal

The thirteen year old Williston student who tackled his principal is still in a juvenile detention center Monday night. The boy is expected to go before a judge Tuesday to see if he is eligible for release.

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