New Hanover County loosens building permit freeze

Some big time retailers are back in business along Wilmington's northeast interceptor. New Hanover County commissioners have loosened the building permit freeze and have agreed to issue up-fit permits. Those up-fit permits were holding a number of retailers up, such as the Pottery Barn planned for Mayfaire Shopping Center.

Law enforcement groups to hold safety expo

This weekend agencies from all around the state will give you the chance to see just what they do.

Elementary students send letters to soldier in Iraq

Some Brunswick County students sent letters overseas to a soldier fighting in Iraq. Now, he's back home and meeting his young pen pals face to face for the first time.

New Hanover County recycling not easy for some

In these days of eco-friendly behavior it seems our area may be behind the times. When it comes to recycling New Hanover County may not be making it as easy as they could. If you're a homeowner in the City of Wilmington, chances are you get your recyclables hauled away every week. But people who don't live in a stand-alone house, or those who live outside the city limits, are on their own.

Cape Fear Literacy Council works to end adult illiteracy in our area

Reading is a skill you may take for granted, but there are people in our area who don't know how. A local literacy organization is dedicated to teaching those who can't read.

School Superintendent Resigns

After nine years as the New Hanover County Schools Superintendent Dr. John Morris is resigning. The announcement came after a good review Tuesday night by the school board.

Septic tanks offer sewer moratorium alternative

You may be able to work around the sewer hook-up moratorium in New Hanover County. One alternative is septic tanks.

Pender County School Board drops Bible classes

The Pender County School Board is making some big changes to its curriculum.

State, County, City meet to discuss sewer system

State, County and City officials met Tuesday at the New Hanover County government complex. The topic of discussion was the sewer system's northeast interceptor.

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