Another effort at ‘bathroom bill’ fix fizzles

Another effort to craft legislation to get rid of North Carolina's "bathroom's bill" and halt more economic losses appears gone as Republicans and Democrats point fingers over whether an agreement ever existed.

Cooper choice to run health agency getting Senate questions

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's pick to lead a massive North Carolina department overseeing Medicaid, mental health services and other programs is likely to get some tough questions from Senate Republicans scrutinizing her appointment.

Marine charged in bus stop death

MCAS New River Staff Sergeant Joshua Block was scheduled to go to court early Wednesday in Onslow County according to the North Carolina Court System.

Fake plaque placed at University of North Carolina

Activists in North Carolina who want to see a building named after a famed African-American writer have struck again.

Kids 5 and younger not allowed to dine at NC restaurant

At Caruso's in Mooresville, the rules have changed. Children 5 and younger are not allowed to dine there.

Judge: Lawsuit about Blackbeard shipwreck can continue

A federal judge has ruled that a videographer can proceed with a lawsuit charging that North Carolina officials illegally copied his videos of the shipwreck of Blackbeard's flagship, then passed a law to legalize their actions.

Gov. Roy Cooper declares April ‘NC Beer Month’

Governor Roy Cooper declared the month of April "NC Beer Month."

AP: Price tag of North Carolina’s LGBT law: $3.76B

Despite Republican assurances that North Carolina's "bathroom bill" isn't hurting the economy, the law limiting LGBT protections will cost the state more than $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years, according to an Associated Press analysis.

AP: ‘Bathroom bill’ to cost North Carolina $3.76 billion

The Associated Press has determined that North Carolina's law limiting LGBT protections will cost the state more than $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years.

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