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Horry County convenience store clerk kidnapped, found safe in Columbus County

Police are looking for the masked man who kidnapped an overnight convenience store clerk at gunpoint.

South Carolina asks: Are frozen ‘Booze Pops’ food or alcohol

Charleston officials are asking South Carolina regulators to reconsider if frozen ice pops made with alcohol should be treated like beer and liquor instead of food.

One person wounded in shooting at South Carolina plant

Officers say one person has been shot and wounded at an automotive parts plant in South Carolina.
Michael Slager Walter Scottvideo

Ex-officer pleads guilty in fleeing black motorist’s death

Former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager is pleading guilty to violating the civil rights of an unarmed black motorist he shot and killed as he ran from a 2015 traffic stop.

Shark bites surfer on foot at South Carolina beach

Authorities say a shark bit a surfer's foot while she was coming to shore on Folly Beach.

South Carolina accepts applications to hunt alligators

Among the advice that South Carolina is giving to potential alligator hunters is this: never assume that an alligator is dead.

Georgia man’s body found at bottom of S. Carolina waterfall

Authorities say the body of a Georgia man has been found at the bottom of a waterfall in South Carolina.

12 hazing complaints since 2014 confirmed at Marine base

Officials at the Marine Corps' training base in South Carolina say half of 24 hazing complaints investigated since 2014 have been confirmed.

Man gets 45 years for shooting woman protecting her daughter

A South Carolina man is sentenced to 45 years for breaking into a home and shooting a mother as she protected her 6-year-old daughter from being raped.

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