Facebook removes ‘North Carolina Breaking News’ page for spreading ‘fake news’

The Facebook page "North Carolina Breaking News" contained some posts touting good deeds by police officers in the city of Winston-Salem. But the officers named in the posts didn't exist.

Father sues hospital after wife dies during childbirth

After his wife died giving birth to their baby boy, a father of two began research into the “maternal mortality crisis” in the United States, the only developed country with a rising death rate for pregnant or new mothers. He is now pushing for policy changes and awareness.

New device may prevent McDonald’s ice cream machines from breaking

When you want a McFlurry, one of the worst things to hear is that the McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken.

Soldier surprises mom at police officer swearing-in ceremony

A soldier came home for the first time in over two years to give his mother a sweet surprise on a special day.

‘You called me a liar’: Audio of post-debate chat released

CNN has released audio of a post-debate exchange between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in which she accuses her 2020 Democratic opponent of calling her a "liar on national TV."

104-year-old veteran asks for Valentine’s Day cards

A 104-year-old US Marine Corps veteran who served in World War II is asking people to send him cards for Valentine's Day.

Baby opossum beaten until blinded on Hilton Head golf course

A baby opossum was found beaten until she was blinded at a Hilton Head golf course in South Carolina, according to the Wildlife Rehab of Greenville.

Cardi B says she wants to be a politician

Cardi B wants to be a politician. Maybe not soon, but she's considering it.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveals she is ‘cancer free’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed that she is "cancer free" on Tuesday in an interview in her chambers with CNN, reports the outlet.

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