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Monday, January 25, 2021


Great White Shark follows marathon swimmer

A marathon swimming attempt in California had to be canceled this week.

Pictures of Earl the Grumpy Puppy go viral

Move over, Grumpy Cat.

Unearthed site may be synagogue where Jesus preached

Archaeologists are digging all summer next to the Sea of Galilee.

Body cam captures hot car mom’s reaction

A police officer's body camera captured the gut-wrenching moments as an Oklahoma woman was confronted with the fact she left her toddler inside a hot van.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: Big rig makes a record jump!

Football star Peyton Manning is about to be immortalized in chocolate. A big rig breaks a record. And a big snake scares a neighborhood.

Four Jamestown settlers’ identities revealed

An archeologist has made a discovery in Jamestown, VA, that's bound to change US history books.

Residents say worms came out of faucet

Worms in the water! Gross!

Google unveils new feature for avoiding long lines

If you hate waiting in long lines, Google may have a solution. The tech giant now has a feature that allows users to check out the busiest times for businesses.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: Hit & run caught on cam, lawnmower racing and more

We have great video of a hit and run caught on a helmet cam, lawnmower racing, sculptures that will raise your cholesterol and space bubbles.

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White House begins talks with lawmakers on COVID-19 relief

Top aides to President Joe Biden have begun talks with a group of moderate Senate Republicans and Democrats on Biden's proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package.

Delaware picks up come from behind win over UNCW Men’s Basketball

A 10-foot jumper by senior guard Ryan Allen with 15.9 seconds left lifted Delaware to a 67-62 victory over UNCW, salvaging a split of the Colonial Athletic Association men's basketball series on Sunday afternoon in Trask Coliseum.

Biden to lift Pentagon’s ban on transgender people serving in military

Multiple people familiar with the matter confirm to ABC News that President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order on Monday that will lift the Pentagon’s ban on transgender people serving in the military.

‘Barney Miller,’ ‘Sanford and Son’ actor Gregory Sierra dies

Gregory Sierra, who had memorable roles in the 1970s sitcoms “Barney Miller” and “Sanford and Son,” has died after battling cancer. He was 83.