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7-Year-Old Boy Donates Piggy Bank to Vandalized Mosque

A 7-year-old boy recently donated all the money in his piggy bank to a Texas mosque that was vandalized in what police are saying is a hate crime, an official from the house of worship said.

Identities of 2 killed in Paris raid unclear

Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins says police fired some 5,000 rounds during an hour-long exchange of fire at a hideout where a terrorist cell had holed up north of the capital.

Terrorists once used refugee program to settle in US

Of the 31 states that have declared their opposition to taking in Syrian refugees, one state, Kentucky, has a specific reason to be wary...

One of last original Tuskegee Airmen instructors dies at 96

Milton Pitts Crenchaw, a flight instructor who trained many of the US military's Tuskegee Airmen, has died in Georgia.

Bush calls for US ground forces to fight Islamic State

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says the United States must commit U.S. ground forces to the Middle East to fight the Islamic State.

IS group says it has killed Norwegian, Chinese captives

The Islamic State group says it has killed a Norwegian and a Chinese captive after demanding ransom for their release two months ago.

Handgun found near home of pastor’s slain wife

A handgun has been found near the home of Amanda Blackburn, the pastor’s wife who was shot dead last week in Indiana.

Obama to increase Syrian refugee plan despite criticism

The Obama administration plans to steadily increase the number of refugees accepted in the United States for the next two years.

Fate of Paris attack mastermind unclear following raid

Police near Paris have wrapped up a seven-hour operation that targeted the alleged mastermind of last week's terror attack that killed 129 people.

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