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GM catches new ignition switch problem early

General Motors has another ignition switch problem that can make engines stall, but this one was discovered quickly and no one has been hurt.
US Supreme Court Association Justice Stephen Breyer

Breyer took part in case despite wife’s stock ownership

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer had a conflict of interest under federal law when he heard arguments in a case this week despite his wife's ownership of stock in a company involved in the dispute.

‘Affluenza’ DUI case: Never-before-seen deposition tapes

Never-before-seen deposition tapes reveal new details of how Texas teen Ethan Couch and his parents viewed his privileged upbringing that became the core of his defense in the so-called “Affluenza” DUI case.

With letter, Biden aide urges Dems not to count him out yet

Just as Democrats were starting to count him out, Joe Biden sent a clear signal through his political team that not only might he enter the presidential race soon, he has a strategy prepared that he thinks could win.

Nevada shuts down fantasy sports sites

DraftKings and FanDuel have exited Nevada after regulators ordered the daily fantasy sports sites to get a gambling license or shut down

Hacker arrested in alleged ISIS effort to kill Americans

A hacker in Malaysia is under arrest and awaiting extradition to the United States, accused of colluding in a conspiracy to intimidate and kill U.S. military personnel.

3rd baby in 3 months dies after being tossed from NY window

Police in New York say it's the third time it's happened in the city in the past three months.

US special ops knew Afghan site was hospital

The Associated Press has learned that American special operations analysts knew the Doctors without Borders facility in Kunduz was a hospital, but were gathering intelligence on it because they suspected it was being used by a Pakistani operative to coordinate Taliban activity.

Hastert attorney says former speaker intends to plead guilty

An attorney for Dennis Hastert has told a federal judge that the former House speaker intends to plead guilty in a federal hush-money case.

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