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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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‘Teacher of the Week’ retiring after 24 years of teaching science

Our last 'Teacher of the Week' for the 2020-2021 school year features one of the zaniest and most positive educators you'll likely ever meet.

‘Teacher of the Week’ introducing students to high-paying, in-demand food industry service careers

Students at Heide Trask High School are now home for summer vacation but recently we visited the campus to surprise one of the teachers as our 'Teacher of the Week.'

‘Teacher of the Week’ left private-sector job to pursue career teaching second graders

For many children across the Cape Fear, the school year comes to an end in just a few days and summer vacation is about to begin.

‘Teacher of the Week’ helping exceptional children learn at their own pace

Students tend to learn at their own pace but one veteran Pender County teacher has a unique way of reaching students at her school.

‘Teacher of the Week’ shares her love of math with middle schoolers

Few things in life are more satisfying than discovering one's true purpose. Sometimes, life takes us down one path until we realize its time to head another direction.

‘Teacher of the Week’ recognized for going above to meet students’ needs

During the pandemic, teachers have provided a sense a stability and connectedness for many students, and we found one that really stands out.

‘Teacher of the Week’ helps blind and visually-impaired students in New Hanover County

Teachers have a unique way of helping students experience the world around them in a whole new way.

‘Teacher of the Week’ inspires first graders to learn Spanish and appreciate other cultures

Research shows exposure to a foreign language at an early age can boost a child's analytical abilities because their brains are like sponges wired to absorb and learn new things.

‘Teacher of the Week’ recognized for her kindness and positivity with first graders

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, teachers at Holly Tree Elementary School are covering as much ground as possible to make up for face-to-face instructional time missed earlier in the year due to COVID-19.

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At least 43 people shot, 6 fatally, in violent Chicago weekend

At least six people have been killed and 37 wounded, including a 3-year-old boy, in shootings that erupted across Chicago over the weekend, according to police.

Military training jet crashes in Texas, injuring both pilots

A military training jet crashed Sunday in a neighborhood near Fort Worth, Texas, injuring the two pilots and damaging three homes but not seriously hurting anyone on the ground, authorities said.

Police vehicle procession to Battleship NC kicks off the national police dog K-9 trials

This evening, you may have seen dozens of blue lights caravanning down Carolina Beach Road, with multiple law enforcement agencies K-9 units from across the country in town, for a chance to compete for top dog.

Stars begin arriving for ‘good time’ Emmys after bleak year

Emmy Awards host Cedric the Entertainer and the show's producers promise it will be a celebration for all. But it could be much more rewarding, even historic, for some.