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Teacher of the Week uses art to teach students about life

One Brunswick County art teacher draws upon her experience working at the 'happiest place on earth' to inspire kids in her classroom.

Columbus County teacher recognized for making an impact on students

Christopher Walker has only been in the classroom for a short time as a teacher but he's making quite an impact on his students.

Teacher of the Week: Anna Griffith

Anna Griffith says learning music is a gift in many ways and she's thrilled to be a teacher at Myrtle Grove Middle School. She is also thrilled to be the WWAY Michael and Son Teacher of the Week.

Teacher of the Week: Ellen Davis

Ellen Davis says her students touch her life in a way she could never have imagined and are a huge part of her heart.

Teacher of the Week: Lauren Flanagan

Lauren Flanagan loves being a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Mary Washington Howe Pre-K in Wilmington.  She loves it so much she wonders how others "sit at a desk all day!"

Teacher of the Week: Pamela Long

Pamela Long says she feels blessed to be a teacher of sixth graders at Leland Middle School.  "I love them so much," she says, "and they're just incredible little people."

Teacher of the Week: Sara Hribar

Sara Hribar makes a point of letting her students know they are important and loved in her classroom.  Her attitude is what helps her kids thrive at Belville Elementary School.

Teacher of the Week: Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is a very busy and popular teacher at John T. Hoggard High School in Wilmington.  It has a lot to do with his philosophy that history can include a lot of interesting and often funny stories.

Teacher of the Week: Sherman Axelberg

Sherman Axelberg teaches Culinary Arts at Columbus Career and College Academy and says her students are "like her own kids."  In fact she says it's an honor to be "entrusted with these children by their parents for a few hours every day."

Teacher of the Week: Kathryn Nash

Kathryn Nash says she can be a "mother hen to a lot of little baby chicks" when she describes her class at the Career Readiness Academy at Mosley in Wilmington.

Teacher of the Week: Nicole Coley

Nicole Coley is a Special Needs teacher at New Hanover High School who says her students are more like family.

Teacher of the Week: Kimberly Baltezegar

"I feel really blessed!"  Kimberly Baltezegar exclaims her love of teaching as soon as she found out she is the WWAY Michael and Son Teacher of the Week. "I feel really blessed," she continued, "to be in this profession so long and to still love it!"

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