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Local black leadership caucus sounds off on alleged statement by the President

Group leaders say the alleged statements made by President Trump were upsetting and make them question how far this country has come to erase racism.
1898 riot

Highway marker to recognize 1898 Wilmington coup

A new highway historical marker will mark a dark period in North Carolina's history that happened right here in Wilmington more than a century ago.

Vigil held for men and women killed by law enforcement four years ago

Each officer involved case was investigated and each officer or Sheriff's deputy was found to be in the right.
Peaceful Rallyvideo

Citizens gather and rally to ban confederate monuments

Dozens of people gathered in 1898 Memorial Park to unite against white supremacy and support the removal of the confederate monuments in downtown Wilmington.

Black History Month Cape Fear Stories: 1898 riots

For generations, a stain on Wilmington's history was largely ignored, but in recent years this dark time has been brought into the light.

Black Lives Matter holds rally in Wilmington

A local Black Lives Matter group held a rally tonight in response to the Grand Jury decision in the Tamir Rice case.

Two mommies, one family

videoHistory was made tonight when a federal judge struck down the state's gay marriage ban. Cape Fear Equality board members and supporters didn't waste any time to celebrate and start planning.

Local groups want to quash segregation, gang violence

videoLocal churches are teaming up with the group "Boots on the Ground" to try to squash segregation in the Port City. The group wants to bring the community together by remembering the race riot of 1898.

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