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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Tag: Academic Fraud

UNCW employee let go after implicated in UNC academic fraud report

videoAccording to a new report today, nearly 20 years of academic fraud took place at UNC Chapel Hill. And now, we know it could have local ties.

9 UNC employees fired or disciplined in scandal

videoUniversity of North Carolina chancellor Carol Folt says the school has fired or begun disciplinary procedures against nine employees after an investigation of an academic fraud scandal dating back nearly two decades. Local resident John Bunting, head football coach at UNC from 2001-2006, cooperated with the investigation.

UNC: NCAA to reopen probe into academic misconduct

North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham says NCAA investigators will take another look into academic misconduct at the school.

Lawyer hired in UNC athletics probe gives briefing

A former federal prosecutor hired to investigate academic irregularities involving athletes at North Carolina says he will follow the evidence wherever it leads.

DA: no charges for Crowder in UNC fraud case

The prosecutor leading an investigation into fraud in an academic department at North Carolina says a retired administrator tied to the case won't face charges.

NC universities panel weighs in on UNC scandal

A panel overseeing how the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill allowed and responded to academic fraud says it was not able to get to the bottom of every detail, but accepts earlier investigations that cleared athletics officials.

UNC academic fraud not mainly for athletes

A consultant who looked again at data collected during an academic fraud investigation is sticking with the earlier conclusion that athletes at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were not the main beneficiaries.

Probe finds UNC academic fraud started earlier

A months-long investigation of academic fraud at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill finds the problems go back a decade earlier than an earlier probe uncovered.

NC panel reviewing UNC academics concerns to meet

Members of the state public university system's oversight board are digging into cases of academic fraud at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and what campus leaders have done about it.

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