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Friday, July 30, 2021
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Tag: Air Quality

North Carolina air-quality forecasts are getting more local

North Carolina residents are getting more site-specific information this year about the air that they breathe and whether it might be best to keep inside.

Air quality alert issued for parts of South Carolina

Environmental officials have issued an alert for poor air quality in parts of South Carolina.

Report: Wilmington is one of the cleanest cities in the country

Go ahead and take a deep breath of fresh air! Wilmington has been ranked 13th for cleanest year-round particle pollution.

Report: Wilmington is one of the cleanest cities in the country

The environment we live in is vital when it comes to our overall health. Good news for the Port City. According to a new report Wilmington is at the top of the list for having the cleanest air in the nation.

Doctor concerned with pending permit for fumigation plant

Retired ER Doctor Robert Parr said if Tima Capital receives a new permit allowing the release of higher levels of the chemical Methyl Bromide in Wilmington, it would be too close for comfort.

New permit for fumigation plant could bring higher methyl bromide levels

A fumigation plant on Sunnyvale Drive will have new ownership and possibly a new permit.

Leland warns of possible smoky conditions due to large burns

In the next few days and possibly weeks, construction sites will be doing large burns in Leland.

Forecasters predict poor air conditions across NC

State officials say it will be an unpleasant weekend to be outdoors across much of North Carolina during the weekend.

Unhealthy air quality forecast in NC

Much of North Carolina is on notice that the air quality is likely to be unhealthy.

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UNCW men’s and women’s soccer schedules released

Both teams' schedules have been released as of Thursday.

Habitual felon sentenced to up to 4.5 years in prison

Evidence was presented by the State that Jones had committed a similar breaking and entering into a storage building in January of 2018 on Virginia Avenue.

Dept. of Insurance fines Humana $630,000

Humana has accepted the voluntary settlement agreement without admitting any liability or violation of any federal or state laws, regulations or rules.

Interior Department announces next steps for proposed offshore wind energy project

This project, if approved, would be the first to operate off North Carolina's shore and has the potential to provide considerable economic benefits to the region during construction and throughout the project's lifetime.