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Southport man plans Bahamas trip in homemade plane

video A Southport man is almost finished building his own ultralight plane with hopes of making an international flight. Although aviation is in his blood, Norman Lewis says the flight he wants to make is different than anything that's been done before.

First class service returns to ILM

video Flying in and out of Wilmington International Airport just got a little more comfortable. US Airways is now offering first class seating on its flights to Charlotte.

Travelers fly nonstop to Chicago from ILM

Wilmington International Airport now offers daily nonstop flights to Chicago. Saturday was the first day this new flight flew in and out of ILM.

Driving home for the holidays

video Rather than getting felt up at the airport, many travelers are choosing to fill up at the gas station. AAA says less than four percent of people are flying this year with an astounding 94 percent of people are driving. The main reason? Convenience.

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