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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Tag: Angela Rothen

15 years later, family continues to seek justice for Allison Jackson Foy

It's been 15 years since the disappearance of a Wilmington Woman, and her family continues to seek justice after her death. 

Family keeps murdered woman’s legacy alive

On the 9TH Anniversary of Allison Jackson Foy’s murder victim's disappearance her family members have a special request to honor her.

8 years after woman’s disappearance still no answers in murder

videoAllison Jackson Foy went missing eight years ago today. Her body was found two years later. But her sister Lisa Valentino has found keeping cold cases in the spotlight is not easy.

Families, police want answers in unsolved Wilmington murders

video Their bodies were found years ago in Wilmington, but details of what led to the deaths of four women are still scarce. Today, Wilmington Police joined the victims' families in a plea to the public for help finding answers surrounding the unsolved murders.

Police, family hope billboard will help solve cold case murders

video Wilmington Police hope a billboard on Oleander Drive can help generate leads in some unsolved murder cases. The family of Allison Jackson Foy believes the billboard could make the difference when it comes to the unsolved murder case of their loved one.

Murdered woman’s sister continues search for answers

videoBack in 2006 Allison Jackson Foy went missing from Monkey Junction. Two years later, someone found her remains in the woods off Carolina Beach Road. Now Foy's sister is back in town. She's checking in with investigators making sure the case stays active.

Still no closure, 3 years after woman’s disappearance

Wilmington police are still investigating the death of Allison Jackson Foy. Foy disappeared after a night out, three years ago.

Chief Evangelous discusses Foy and Rothen case

The remains of two Wilmington women, Allison Jackson Foy and Angela Rothen, were found just over a year ago off Carolina Beach Road. No arrests have been made, and some have questioned the department's timing, when it came to sending out pieces of the victim's clothing for DNA testing.

Revisiting the Foy/Rothen cases, one year later

videoOne year ago Sunday the remains of Allison Foy and Angela Rothen were discovered off Carolina Beach Road. Today we take a look back at the case, the developments and now, new information.

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