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Schools talk bus safety, changes in new year

Summer vacation is winding down and it's time to start really thinking about heading back to school. But one thing many people don't think about is bus safety.

Local church donates hundreds of backpacks to kids in need

Crosswinds Church gave out about 300 backpacks to kids who needed them most yesterday.

Area church helps kids in need for back to school

At the First Baptist Church of Leland, students and their families were able to do all their back to school shopping for free.

Wilmington charter school meets enrollment requirements

videoA Wilmington charter school says it has the right number of students as it started its second year today. Last year, Douglass Academy only had about half of the enrollment required by state law.

Deputies warn drivers to watch out on the roads as school starts up

As hundreds of area students head back to school this week, law enforcement is warning drivers to watch out for kids and buses on the roads.video

Back to School: How teachers prepare for students before they hit the halls

As the start to school approaches, kids often find their emotions range from excitement to anticipation. So, how do teachers feel as they prepare for the big day before students head back to the classroom? Lincoln Elementary teacher Shane Terzaken says even teachers get butterflies before the big day while they wait for their students to file in.video

Marino on Money: What to buy in August

videoIt's August, which mean summer is nearing an end far too quickly. But the good news is there are several great deals out there on the things you need.

Check out the top selling back-to-school items

video A local Staples employee shows off the most in-demand items for kids this school yea

Church hands out free school supplies

videoThe First Baptist Church of Leland handed out free school supplies for the third consecutive year this weekend. Parents and children began lining up an hour before the church doors even opened, and for good reason.

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