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Monday, September 28, 2020
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Tag: Blackwater

Report says that FBI finds 14 of the 17 Blackwater shootings were unjustified

A spokeswoman for Blackwater Worldwide says the North Carolina-based company supports "stringent accountability" for any wrongdoing.

Immunity could hurt Blackwater prosecution

The State Department says limited immunity has been routinely offered to private security contractors.

Democrats: Blackwater not held accountable in civilian deaths

Democrats criticized the Bush administration today for giving immunity to bodyguards with North Carolina-based Blackwater USA.

Congress moves to put all armed contractors under military control

Congress is moving to put armed contractors in combat zones under military control.

Iraq presses US to expel Blackwater

The Iraqi government has upheld the findings of an official investigation of the alleged shooting death of 17 Iraqis by employees of North Carolina-based Blackwater USA.

Panel: US must control security firms

An independent panel is recommending that the U.S. government impose unified control over private security guards working for the U.S. in Iraq.

Could Blackwater be on its way out of Iraq?

The head of North Carolina-based Blackwater USA says he wants his guards to be able to "clear their names, do their jobs and move forward."

Survivor and three families of men who died sue Blackwater

Families of Iraqis who died in a shooting involving Blackwater USA contractors in Baghdad sued the North Carolina company today.

Iraqi report calls for 136 million dollar payout from Blackwater

An Iraqi government report calls for Blackwater USA to pay eight million dollars in compensation to each of the 17 people killed in shootings last month.

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