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Some Brunswick voters to use new voting system on Nov. 5 election

Some Brunswick County voters heading to the polls on November 5th will be testing a new voting system, but not all county commissioners were on board with that decision. 

New Hanover County Board of Elections hosting seminars about new voter ID requirement

The New Hanover County Board of Elections plans to hold two educational seminars to get the word out about the new voter identification requirement which takes effect next year.

Governor reshapes board amid congressional probe

A court ruling threatens to disband the North Carolina board investigating allegations of ballot fraud in a still-unresolved congressional race.

Voters reject amendment on election board makeup

North Carolina has rejected a constitutional amendment that would have permanently given state lawmakers more power over the makeup of a state board that decides election and ethics disputes.

Elections boards caught off guard by subpoenas

Federal prosecutors have backed off requiring North Carolina elections officials from providing tens of millions of ballots and voting documents before the end of the month.

ICE subpoenas 44 NC elections boards for voting records

ICE investigators are ordering elections officials in 44 North Carolina counties to turn over election documents dating back five years.

Ex-elections worker pleads guilty to altering votes cast

A former county elections administrator in North Carolina has pleaded guilty to charges that he altered the number of votes cast during a 2016 primary election.
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Candidates step into the ring and file for municpal elections

As candidates step forward for the position of mayor or for a seat on city council, supporters showed up at the New Hanover County Board of Elections to watch their candidates file for office.

Partisan struggle with North Carolina governor back in court

A North Carolina law that strips the state's new Democratic governor from overseeing elections is taking effect -- for now -- thanks to a court ruling.

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