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Soundhouse wants donations for those recovering from Florence

In Brunswick County, Soundhouse, a home to music and the arts, is opening it's doors for donations for families in the Waccamaw, Ash and Boiling Springs Lake area.

System pressure advisory issued for parts of Boiling Spring Lakes

The water consumers of Brunswick County Public Utilities in parts of Boiling Spring Lakes have experienced loss of water pressure due to a main line break.

Boiling Spring Lakes hosts community party and concert

Since Florence you've seen the devastating images from Boiling Spring Lakes, but the city is ready to get back on its feet, maybe even to do some dancing.

Where to get food and water in Boiling Spring Lakes

Residents of the heavily damaged Boiling Spring Lakes can now get some supplies free of charge.

Brunswick County food and distribution sites open Thursday

Food and water are will be available for distribution tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 20 from 11 am. to 5 p.m. at four locations.

The latest update on Boiling Spring Lakes conditions

Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief shared the following update on what current conditions are like.

BIRDS-EYE VIEW: Aerial look at areas affected by Hurricane Florence

As floodwater continues to rise in the wake of Hurricane Florence, many areas are inaccessible. That makes getting a true gauge of Florence's impact difficult.

Storm damage devastates Boiling Spring Lakes

Hundreds of people have been rescued in Brunswick County over the last few days. Some areas are worse than others, and in the areas hit the hardest, it is absolute devastation.

Could take days to get water back on in SE Brunswick County

Damage to several water mains serving the southeastern part of Brunswick County is more extensive than originally thought, and it will likely take several days before repairs can be completed and water service fully restored to the southeastern part of Brunswick County.

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