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ONLY ON 3: BSL resident claims husband caught in mayor’s vendetta for police department

video One Boiling Spring Lakes resident is simmering mad at the city's mayor and says she has many reasons why. Natascha Yarolin says Mayor Richard White has a vendetta for the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department. She says her husband got caught in the crossfire, and she won't stand for it.

Police: Father, son in BSL died from medical complications

Boiling Spring Lakes Police say they found a father and son dead inside their home yesterday, but investigators say they died of natural causes.

UPDATE: All but one BSL lake open for swimming this weekend

Boiling Spring Lakes has re-opened Spring Lake for swimming.

BSL lake could stay closed through weekend

The City of Boiling Spring Lakes has closed Spring Lake for testing. City Clerk Linda Merry says the city closed the lake yesterday after finding out Wednesday that a baby may have gotten sick after swimming in the lake recently.

18-year-old drowns in Boiling Spring Lakes

video A swimming trip turned tragic in Brunswick County Thursday. An 18-year-old boy drowned while swimming in Spring Lake.

BREAKING FIRST ON 3: Drowning at Boiling Spring Lakes

Emergency Management says someone has drowned in the lake this afternoon near Pine Road. No word on how old the victim is.

Student wants to buy police new bullet-proof vests

Five years ago, Boiling Spring Lakes police officer Mitch Prince was shot killed in the line of duty. His legacy has inspired a high school senior project to help protect officers.

Boiling Spring Lakes firefighter makes plea deal

A Boiling Spring Lakes volunteer firefighter made a plea deal in Brunswick County court yesterday after being accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Boiling Spring Lakes police chief under investigation

The Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief is under investigation by the state agency that certifies law enforcement officers. The intense scrutiny is over a few gallons of gas.

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