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‘Carry with Confidence’ shatters donation goal

Montgomery Lanier, founder of Carry with Confidence, surpasses donation goal of luggage for kids in foster care.

DSS board changes interim directors

The Brunswick County Department of Social Services Thursday named Neil Walters as interim director of the Social Services Department, according to board attorney Kenneth Campbell.

Warren responds to removal from DSS Board

A day after fellow Brunswick County Commissioners removed him from the county's Social Services Board, Charles Warren is speaking out. The commissioner sent a "letter to the editor" to several media outlets this morning.

Warren removed from DSS board; replacement appointed

video The Brunswick County Commissioner voted four to one Monday to remove Charles Warren from the Department of Social Services board after viewing footage from inside the December DSS meeting.

Judge denies Warren’s injunction

video Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren had his injunction denied today by Superior Court Judge Jack Hooks. The decision will allow other county commissioners to hold a hearing on whether to remove warren from the DSS Board.

Warren, Sykes square off again at first DSS Board meeting since ejections

video The last time there was a DSS Board meeting in Brunswick County, Chairman Charles Warren tried to have fellow board member Pat Sykes arrested. The fallout from that December meeting has been extensive. It's led all the way to county commissioners attempting to remove Warren from that board and, in turn, Warren fighting them this week in court.

Judge to rule Wednesday if Brunswick Co. Commission can boot Warren from DSS Board

video Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren was once again fighting his fellow commissioners this afternoon this time in court. A judge said he will make a decision later this week on whether commissioners can remove warren from the county's DSS Board. It's a move at least one fellow DSS Board member wants.

Sykes says run for Brunswick Co. Commission “nothing to do with Charles Warren”

videoA political battle in Brunswick County just entered a new arena. Social Services Board member Pat Sykes said today she will challenge Charles Warren for his seat on the Brunswick County Commission.

Warren gets restraining order to stop removal hearing

videoA judge has postponed a Brunswick County Commission hearing scheduled for Tuesday to see if there's cause to remove Commissioner Charles Warren from the DSS Board. FULL COMPLAINT INSIDE.

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