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UNCW receives $10M donation to establish new school

UNCW just received the largest gift in the university's history and it came from two former seahawks.

UNCW business school offeres free tax prep services

Your deadline to file taxes is a little more than one month away. Do you need help? Good news! Some seahawks are ready to help.

Smooth ride ahead for Cape Fear economy

 UNCW'S Cameron School of Business hosted a forum to take a look at the Cape Fear economy and how the transportation industry affects it.

UNCW Graduation Ceremonies kick off this weekend

It is finally here, graduation day for the seahawks! Well at least some of them, the Cameron School of Business kicked off the first of four ceremonies Friday afternoon.

UNCW announces new dean of Cameron School of Business

The current interim dean of the business school at UNCW will maintain that role as the school's dean.

UNCW launches online survey to come up with new brand for the ‘Cape Fear...

The University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Office of Community Partnership and the Cameron School of Business have launched a online survey to collect insights from Wilmington residents about the area in an effort to better inform the regional branding initiative, the University announced today. video

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