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Remains of Fort Bragg paratrooper found on NC coast

The remains of an 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper were found near Cape Lookout National Seashore on May 29.

Park rangers discover human remains on North Carolina island

Authorities in North Carolina say they are trying to identify human remains that were discovered on a barrier island over the weekend.

Park Service: Outer Banks tourists tried to capture foal

The National Park Service is looking for three tourists who officials say tried to capture a month-old wild foal in the Outer Banks in an attempt to take some photos.

Multitudes of uncollected seashells in NC amid tourist ban

The lack of tourists in North Carolina’s Outer Banks during the coronavirus pandemic has been creating large piles of uncollected seashells.

‘Pony Patrol’ at NC coast needs volunteers

If you ever wanted a job working along the wild horses at the North Carolina beaches, here's your chance.

Cows cast away by Dorian found alive on North Carolina island

A trio of castaway cows has been discovered on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where they apparently washed up after swimming for miles to escape Hurricane Dorian ’s storm surge.

Sea turtle nesting season begins along Cape Fear coast

May 1 was the official start of the 2019 season and now nests are beginning to pop up.

Portuguese man-of-war spotted on North Carolina coast

National Park Service officials are warning North Carolina beach-goers to watch out for a venomous type of jellyfish being found on the North Core Banks.

Government shutdown creates seashell windfall on coast

The just-ended government shutdown created a windfall for seashell lovers on the North Carolina coast.

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