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More than locals at Carolina Beach during COVID-19 pandemic

Carolina Beach banned short term rentals until April 22, but some temporary residents are still making their way to the island.

Local responders use UV rays to clean infected gear for reuse

As protective supplies run low across the country, Carolina Beach's first responders are using UV technology to sterilize their infected gear.

Police searching for missing teen last seen in Carolina Beach

The Carolina Beach Police Department need your help finding a missing teen who was last seen on the island in March.

Masonboro Island will close to public Friday night

If you were planning on spending your weekend at Masonboro Island instead of New Hanover County beaches, think again.

Coronavirus outbreak halts Britt’s Donuts from opening for 2020 season

Britt's Donut Shop will not open for the season this week due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Some boardwalk businesses close their doors during COVID-19 outbreak

Businesses along the Carolina Beach Boardwalk depend on beach-goers to keep their businesses thriving.

Many support beach town’s decision to temporarily ban short-term rentals

Carolina Beach town officials announced all short term rentals will be discontinued until April 22 or until the order is rescinded. 

Carolina Beach to discontinue short-term rentals during COVID-19 outbreak

After a tense meeting on Monday night in Carolina Beach, the town decided today to discontinue all short-term rentals.

Carolina Beach officials give update on COVID-19 plan

Emotions were running high at the Carolina Beach town council meeting on Monday as officials gathers to give the public an update on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic across the nation. 

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